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Syncing a Vortex with an EDP

People often ask if they can sync the timing on their Vortex to some other piece of gear, this solution works with the Echoplex Digital Pro and will allow you to get echoes that fit in time with a loop. It won't allow you to make a loop in the Vortex which stays in perfect time with the EDP, as this would be impossible without redesigning the software in the Vortex.

The EDP has an output called BeatSync, a quarter inch jack socket (mono) that simulates the closing of a switch every time a loop cycle begins. You'd think that you'd just have to connect a lead from here to the Vortex tap socket, but it just doesn't work that easy. The Echoplex BeatSync pulse is too short to trigger the Vortex.

The problem is solved by making up a special lead, which incorporates a couple of components to form a simple circuit to lengthen the pulse.

 C1   Electrolytic Capacitor, 2 microfarads, 6.3V(or more)
 D1Diode, 1N4148 (or similar)

Well that's probably enough to get you soldering, the components should fit into one of the one of the jack plugs. Remember, the Vortex uses a stereo jack socket to control both the Tap time and the A/B switching from one dual footswitch, so if you still want to use the A/B switch on the Vortex you'll have to make up a special Y-connector lead.

This solution was devised by Matthias Grob, one of the designers of the EDP, so you can be sure it'll work fine without a chance of wrecking your gear.