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andy butler

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Track Listing (total time 53:34)
1.Backwater (3:35) listen to complete track. the cd itself
2.Hanging Garden (5:43)
3.Moonset (2:45) listen to live version.
4.Gargoyle (3:06)
5.Rag Kasaundi (6:15)
6.Tripwire (4:49)
7.Interlude (5:40)
8.Altitude (6:38)
9.Tachycardia (5:09)
10.Mill with Slowly Turning and
Falling Marbles
11.Persistance (4:59)

Each track is a single unedited performance recorded in the studio using live-looping techniques, all the sounds came from the same guitar.

all composition/arrangement by andy butler
Matthias Grob, Kim Flint, Andre Lafosse, Rick Walker, Bernhard Wagner, Tim Bowness, Peta Leeder, Trevor Heaton, Os, Ted Killian, Sunao Inami, Graham Halliwell.


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